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Have a question about us? Check to see if we answered it here!

When do you fly? Days Open and Hours of Operation:

SPRING thru FALL: (April through October) We are open FOUR Days A Week, Thursday through Sunday: Saturday and Sunday, we open at 10:30 AM and last flight out about 4:00 PM. NO APPOINTMENTS NEEDED OR TAKEN, JUST WALK-IN, WE FLY FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.

Since we operate on a "walk-in" basis we make no guarantees
that showing up early is gonna work for you!!!

Thursday and Friday we are available by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Starting at 10:30 AM with last flight out about 4:00 PM. Please call or email to make a reservation FOR Thursday or Friday. We are closed Monday through Wednesday.


WINTER HOURS: (November thru March) Saturday & Sunday flights only: We fly Saturdays & Sundays ONLY (always weather permitting). No weekday flights. For passenger comfort, we do not fly the open cockpit biplanes if the temperature is below 60 degrees. The bitter-cold of the wind can be harsh, and we donít want passengers turning into icicles. We can fly the closed cockpit warbirds in the colder weather.

BY THE WAY... We only fly Weather permitting. That can mean extreme heat, gusting winds, rain, fog, cold - any of these elements - can affect our ability to fly. These conditions cannot always be forecasted in advance, and therefore if we must stop flights for any of these reasons, we apologize for the inconvenience. We get the weather forecast from the local news channels.

ALERT: We close EARLY, 2:00pm, on Big Race Event Days at the Sonoma Raceway, so none of us get stuck in gridlock traffic. Those race days include NASCAR, Indy Race, NHRA Drag Races. You can check the Sonoma Raceway website at for these dates (they change every year)

How come no reservations on a weekend?
Darn wine country traffic! We stopped taking reservations about 10 years ago when Sonoma became as popular as Napa for wine country visitors. If you have an 11:00am reservation for a 20 minute flight, and you are 15 minutes late bacause of wine country traffic jam, then our entire flight schedule is shot for the day. And if someone walked in at 10:50am wanting a 20 minute flight, and we told them they had to wait 45 minutes for the 11:00am flight to return, well, now they have to wait over an hour and we haven't flown anyone. Follow what we are saying?

When are we closed?
We are closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, we do not fly if it's raining, too windy, too cold or too foggy....and sometimes even too hot! If you see gray clouds, rain, fog or the temperature is below 65 degrees or above 100 degrees, mostly likely we will keep the aircraft tucked away in the hangar. We are Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and possibly other holidays, so please call us before heading to the airfield. Thank you.

Thank You For Calling Vintage Aircraft!
If you call on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, the days we are closed, if you leave a message, your call might not be returned until Thursday. If you call on a day when we are flying (Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday), and we are busy with customers already here on the airfield, we might not be able to return your call until the end of the flying day. We are a small operation and do not have a dedicated phone operator. Thank you for your understanding.

How many people can go up at a time?
In our 1942 open cockpit biplanes, the front passenger seat is a bench, and has a width restriction of 32"across, (side-by-side seating).  Very, very cozy! For two passengers to fit, please take this into account, and if you are considering adding in the aerobatic maneuvers, we must strap a parachute on you as well (FAA rules) which takes a bit more away from your allotted space. The Texan warbird is single passenger.

What is the minimum age?
It's more of a height requirement. A child of approx. 48 inches will fit safely in the seat belts and be tall enough to take in the view - with the help of our booster cushion. Children under the age of 10 should fly with an adult, exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.

    Are there any weight limits for the flights?
Not really..... if you can fit in the front cockpit, you are good to go. BUT, climbing into the biplane takes a bit of dexterity. Let us know if you think your size may be an issue and we'll help figure it out.

Passengers with Disabilities
Give us a call because in many cases we can accomdate you. We will do all we can to get you in the air!

    What altitudes do you fly at?
We follow all FAA rules which govern safe operation and designated minimum altitude restrictions over open space and populated areas.

    Is aerobatic flight right for me?
If you like adventure and the thrill of a rollercoaster, you will love the aerobatics. If that isn't your preference you would like more sedate "Air Tour" experience you may enjoy you flight without any aerobatics.

    What should I wear on my flight?
Dress as if you were going for a ride in a convertible, layers recommended. Keep it casual, bring sunglasses; we'll supply the jacket, cloth flying helmet and earplugs. White and fine clothing is not recommended as oil is present around airplanes. Windbreakers are discouraged as they tend to fill with air. Comfortable shoes recommended.

    Can I take control of the airplane?
In the Biplanes, all passenger cockpit controls have been removed to safely accommodate two passengers; The Texan is a dual control airplane and you may "fly" the airplane at altitude, no take-offs or landings allowed.

    Are the airplanes heated?
NOPE!  These are circa 1940's aircraft.....the real deal!!

    Can it get too cold to fly in the open cockpit biplanes?
For your comfort, we do not fly the open cockpit biplanes if the temperature is below 60 degrees  F.

    How can I purchase a gift certificate?
Call us at 707-938-2444. It will take just a couple of minutes to process your order. Our Gift Certificate/Boarding Pass is a nicely printed presentation we mail to you or the lucky flyer.  If it's a surprise, we can mail it in a plain unmarked envelope or you can come by the airport and pick it up. If you have left us a message to return your call, please leave us the pertinent details of when and how to reach you, so we do not ruin the surprise.

    Do the gift certificates/boarding pass expire? How long are they good for?
You never lose the value you paid for your Gift Certificate/Boarding Pass. We guarantee the price of the ride for six months, however after six months, if we experience an increase in rates, you will be responsible for the fare difference. Boarding Passes are non-refundable, but they are transferable. Please do not lose your Boarding Pass, they cannot be replaced. The Boarding Pass must be presented for flight.

    What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my flight?
Safety First. We never cut corners. If you are a scheduled flight, please call to confirm just before you need to leave the house or hotel. Even if it's nice where you are, we occasionally get some coastal fog, and vice versa - just because it's cloudy or rainy where you are doesn't mean it is where we are. We seldom have to make last minute changes, but your pilot has the authority to cancel a flight or change a route. In case of forecast inclement weather, we'll call you to see if you want to cancel or reschedule - either way, there's no charge.

    Can I change my flight when I get to the airport for my ride?
Our goal is to be a accommodating as possible. As long as weather and time permits, you can upgrade your flight, add a second passenger, or change airplane types as late as standing on the flight-line.

    What is your cancellation policy?
If you have a scheduled flight - we require 48 hours notice or you will be charged. If you have a guaranteed reservation and in the event of weather, we get to make the decision. 30 years of flying, we know what is fun and safe. If you decide not to come out and we're flying, your flight will be treated as flown. T hat's what a guaranteed reservation is all about; We promise you'll have a seat on the plane and you promise to pay us for making it available.

    How safe is this?
Safe operation is our top priority. Always. Since 1975 we have maintained a perfect flying safety record.
Our aircraft are maintained to meet the highest FAA maintenance standards.


   Can I bring a cell phone, Go Pro, camera or video recorder?
Yes! But your device MUST have a strap. Your flying experience is best captured via wide-angle or panoramic lens. 
Camcorders are OK as long as it is one of the smaller handheld types.

    Do you give discounts?
We do discount the following...
MILITARY - show us your Military ID and we shave 15% off the price.  Our humble way of showing
 some appreciation for the HUGE DEBT of gratitude we and our Country owe our VETERANS; 
CASH - Keep your credit card & debit card in your wallet/purse! Pay CASH instead and you'll receive a discount of 10%!
Please Note: Discounts cannot be combined.

    GROUP Flying Events - Tell me abou them...
Where else can you have a flying PARTY guaranteed great experience for any occasion. Your Flying Party will be the most unforgettable experience you can gift your guests. Personal or coprorate, you can expect exceptional service, meticulously maintained aircraft, uber-talented, high-time pilots in-type of aircraft in a setting you'll be hard-pressed to duplicate anywhere else in the world. Click the PLAN A PARTY tab for more details.

   Do you donate rides?
Please see our guidelines under the Tab marked Ride Donation Policy

   Are you insured?

    Can I rent your hangar for an event other than a flying related event?

Sorry no. We gladly provide hangar space for flying related events.
So why not add flying to your corporate or private event and create an experience your guests/colleagues will be talking about for a lifetime! Please click tab at the top or bottom of the page marked Plan A Flying Party for information. Sorry, no weddings or children's
flying parties
Flying events - 70% of the attendees must participate in flying.

Are you dog friendly?
Woof! In human-speak, that's a resounding YES! You'll find a fresh bowl of water and some hypo-allergenci treats awaiting your furry friend in our office. Please, never leave your dog in your car on a warm day. Come in and tell us  you have "Fido" with you and we'll have you bring your car into the hangar, providing a shady cool place for your fur-baby.

    Do you accept certificates from 1800SKYRIDE? - No! We do not! Also "FunSherpa" is a scam.
               The only two outside providers we do business with are "Cloud9" and "Xperience".



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